January 21, 2013

I had this genuinely awful reaction to the flu shot last week. I panicked because basically everyone around me was getting sick, and even though I’d never gone for a flu shot before I thought it would be a good idea to get vaccinated. And it is, don’t listen to my complaining, but I felt so sick for the next week, it was awful. I trudged through my days and spent all weekend on the couch. I’m finally feeling like a person once more but it took a long time.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Seattle is a lot more suburban and spread out than NYC was. There are no two ways about it. Matt and I live in the Fremont / Wallingford / Green Lake / Greenwood area (yes, that is as specific as I get), which is a lot less urban than Downtown or Belltown or CapHill. Some days (most days) I feel like Eva Gabor in Green Acres, as I refuse to give up my vintage style dresses and heels to deal with the never ending mists and murk. And, I’ve learned, for the most part I’m enjoying it here. I moved and Matt already had our social situation taken care of. I’m done with school so weekends are my own. It’s absolutely breathtaking here, when the fog and the rain doesn’t obscure all of the mountains and our great view. ¬†And true to type I used my typical New York agression to find us a great apartment that I love.

However this apartment does have its difficulties. Did you know that there were raccoons in the city limits and they will go through your trash? And then you, because common sense, will decide at midnight while drunk to clean up all of the spilled trash? Yes. That totally happens. But the most confounding thing of all is the fact that we recently got a new neighbor. And as you might have guessed from the subject of my blog post that neighbor is a rooster.

So when I go outside in the mornings I hear roosters. How crazy is that? I’m inclined to hate the little guy, since roosters are technically illegal in city limits. But Matt? Matt totally loves this rooster. So rooster it is.


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