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November 9, 2011

Last night I was supposed to go to NYPL to research my thesis. The awesomeness of that process is its own blog post. However I’ve been on the hunt for yarn to complete this blanket(!) started on my road trip last summer and then promptly abandoned when I returned to NYC and ran out of yarn for it. When the yarn you’re using has 200 color options finding stores that contain exact matches is tough. I went all the way up town, to the 90’s, where I was rewarded for my schlep with one of the colors I need. Not bad, only 3 more to go… At the rate I’m going hopefully this blanket will be completed by December of 2013. My plan was to then grab something super quick like and epic NYC pizza slice and go to the library like a good student. But I was lured by the bright shiny lights of …the Shake Shack on the Upper East Side and all my resolve was lost! Which means I need to spend all of Saturday working on my thesis or I will be in a lot of trouble. 🙁 Curse my epic senioritis!

I guess to teach me a lesson about not skiving off on work the water was out in my apartment for repairs. So I had to eat my burger and then have gross grimy hands for hours that night. Well, Universe in the future I will try harder to be more studious.

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