Weekend Away

May 7, 2012

I spent this weekend in Seattle with Matt. This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon which was basically the only day of my trip where we had really nice weather. This was my last weekend visit before the big move and I was stunned by how many times I have made the trip back and forth since August. I’ve gone for visits five times now and I also made a one way flight back home at the end of August, the day before Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast. And I have one more flight to go. It can’t happen soon enough for me. The whole flying 2500 miles once a month has become exhausting, not to mention really draining on my bank account.

Enough complaining! My trip was great, I got to see many of my favorite Seattle-ites and eat at tons of great restaurants. My favorite for this trip was Serious Pie, in Downtown Seattle. We went for the happy hour special and ate so much pizza. It was awesome and so delicious. If you’re looking for good pizza (and as an Italian American with roots in the Bronx I am always looking for good pizza) check this place out! Have the potato pizza and swoon. We also had great sushi and great thai food. The only thing I didn’t get to check off my wishlist was ice cream from Molly Moons. Next time.

I’m excited for my next trip. Not only because it will be my last and represent the culmination of a goal I set for myself, to leave NYC after graduation. I’m also excited because my little sister will be making the trip with me. I can’t wait to show her around and also to not fly by myself for once!

Exciting things are afoot. 🙂

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