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March 31, 2012

Here is a question Matt always asks me. ‘What are you looking forward to right now?’ The right now part can be optional. The thing I’m most looking forward to? My trip in a few days out to Seattle to see Matt. We have a bunch of stuff planned that involves our future in the PNW but here are a few things I’m looking forward to beyond that.

1. Going for a run around Green Lake and then getting Zoëyogurt. I love this stuff. Really I love any pay by the pound and put whatever you want on top frozen yogurt place, but this place is especially good. And add in the reward after running and it’s practically guilt free. Yay! Hopefully this trip it will be warm enough for yogurt.

2. Also in the world of food and drink is getting coffe from both Fuel and  Zoka. I’m currently working my way through a bag of Zoka’s Tangletown Blend, and I’ve been dreaming about the latte I had from Fuel in February for almost two months! Aaah, I love coffee so much and there’s nothing like Seattle for coffee.

3. Working on all of my projects in a super tranquil setting. Seattle is worlds away from Brooklyn in terms of stress and general unpleasantness. One of the things I want to do most this trip is work on my Senior Thesis and Portfolio for FIT. I feel like I’ll have some great bursts of inspiration and moments of productiveness.

4. Celebrating Passover. This is my favorite holiday (and I’m not even Jewish). I started celebrating it when Matt and I started dating and I love cooking the Seder meal and then eating it. I’m so grateful that Matt and I can be together for Passover this year, even though our relationship is long distance at the moment it makes me so happy to know that we can still be together for important holidays.

5. Exploring Seattle on my own. I love cities. There’s nothing I love more then feeling the energy of people around me and getting to understand the soul of a place. So this trip I’m planning on doing some exploring on my own.

6. Hanging out with Matt. I saved the best one for last. I miss Matt so much pretty much constantly and I love our visits. Even though it’s become less painful for us to be apart I still look forward to just being with him and doing couple things with him.

So that’s my list!

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