Hello Again

March 25, 2012

I know, I shouldn’t even be allowed to have a blog. I never update! But my life super crazy right now. I’m preparing for a few major changes in my life and doing so has taken most of my energy. I’m in the midst of my last semester ever as a student at FIT. After five years working towards my BFA it’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this is it. FIT has been my Hogwarts, and now the journey is almost over. I’ll miss a lot about the experience but I won’t miss the way that I had almost no free time from the minute I started school there. Looking forward to guilt free weekends.

Right now I’m working on my senior thesis, an exercise in combining storytelling and graphic design. It’s forced me to work on my typography and my writing, two things I’m really passionate about. As a designer I’m always searching for the story that I’m telling with my work, the journey that I’m taking a viewer on. As a writer I’m always searching for the structure of a piece, the hidden grid present in the work if you will. Working on this project has let me combine the two things I’m most into. I’ll miss working on this piece when it’s done.

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