Mini mini mania

November 21, 2011

I was absolutely transfixed by my friends mini loaf pan last weekend. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the tiny cakes and breads she could make. Cakes that were perfect for sending in little care packages to special people.  You could eat one for breakfast without feeling guilty about eating a whole cake! Perfection in mini-ness. And then it hit me. Mini loaf pans meant… MINI MEAT LOAF. Yes! Little tiny meaty treats. I was sold but unable to justify buying one of these.

Well, I guess it’s Brooklyn to the rescue? I had to go to Williamsburg for kitty supplies and was unable to resist slipping into Whisk . Only to browse, I told myself repeatedly. Ha, yeah right! That store is designed to make me covet every single thing inside, especially the individual loaf pans they had for sale. Yeah, I caved but you would too.

I know you want one too! For mini meatloaf…


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