The harried life of a design student

November 18, 2011

This is my life right now:

I hit 1100 words on my thesis today. It felt great! Only 1900 words to go. 🙂 I love my subject matter, the idea of integrating design and typography into storytelling appeals to all of my creative interests. I feel like I still have a ton of research to do at this point, but my direction is becoming clearer. I love Mark Z. Danielewski, working on this thesis only helps me appreciate his work more and more.

Here’s me waiting for my night class. I was in my favorite spot at FIT which kind of looks like this:

How perfect is that? It’s just a little ledge in one of the buildings. In other news Team Baby Moses (named for my cat Baby Moses) fought a really good fight tonight in the epic Javascript/CSS battle. Too bad we were bested! I love learning new things, especially when it comes to code and web technologies.

Man, I feel like this week will never stop.

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