New Thing I am obsessed with

February 18, 2013

This is a personal blog right? Well first off this weekend was filled with a really great spurt of creativity and productivity. I did lock myself in my apartment for a good chunk of that time but it was really worth it. Except when Matt and I dragged ourselves out to Fuel, one of those great little coffee shops littering our neighborhood. I go back and forth on Seattle a lot, especially when I am commuting… but weekends like this are what Seattle is made for. Running around the lake, getting drive through espresso, relaxing. +5 points to Seattle for this long weekend.

To bring it back around to the title of this post : I have been totally obsessed with Margot Elena handcreme this weekend. Sad right? It was always something out of my price range as a student, but now that I have a job (huzzah) I can indulge. It’s for my desk, at work… really.

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